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I think Chris is crazy for sharing his know-how with other insurance agents.
Internet marketing is the future of our business and no one does it better than Chris.

- Richard J. Wira, Founder of EQUOTE.com

CPS-Special Risk Life Insurance Services

As you may know, we run about 80% of our business through Pinney Insurance. But you may not know that last year, my agency placed over $65,000 of impaired risk life insurance cases with another GA/IMO...  one who I'm quite fond of. The truth is Pinney gets the majority of our business due to their […] Click to Continue Reading

Website design and the 80-20 Principle

Design is essential for the success of an insurance lead generation site (or any site). When visitors land on your site, your design must capture their attention and keep them there. … but how can you accomplish this without breaking the bank?  I believe after spending $3,884 designing my main site, www.InsuranceBlogByChris.com, ($2,984 of which […] Click to Continue Reading

How to Make a Life Insurance Website

Five years ago, I was on the brink of bankruptcy. My rise from the ashes has been nothing short of miraculous. Last year, my websites accounted for over $700,000 of placed life insurance premiums. ... and I owe it all to online lead generation. Perhaps you want to get started with online marketing and lead generation […] Click to Continue Reading

Phrase Express

What do you do when an insurance prospect emails you asking: What's the difference between term and whole life? What happens after the 10 year term is over? Can you tell me more about the company? If you're like most people, you pound out the same answer on your keyboard that you've answered a hundred times before […] Click to Continue Reading

eLifeTools Cusomized Compulife quote form

You've thought of adding a life insurance quote form on your site, but don't know where to start. "How much does a website quoter cost?" ... and "How in the heck do you get the quote form on your site?" In this post, I'll teach you the simplest, quickest way to add insurance quotes to […] Click to Continue Reading

Killer Life Insurance sales closing technique

Life Insurance Agents - Looking to close more sales? I found this "killer" closing strategy to get your clients off the fence about taking that life insurance policy. ...ok, so maybe this won't really help you to close more insurance sales. I'm actually using this comic to generate interest in my site.  I'll post it […] Click to Continue Reading

VAMdB Insurance Agency CRM

Looking for the a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) to help you sell more insurance? With VAMdB, my agency grew from... Life insurance placed in force of $208k in 2011 to $364K in 2012, a 75% increase.  (To be fair, during this time, my leads also increased by 46%, but I attribute about 30-40% of […] Click to Continue Reading

Quote results page

If I'm being honest, I only bought Compulife's Quoting Software because I had to. In order to buy their Life Insurance Website Quotes (costs $99/year), you must first be a subscriber to their basic desktop quoting software. The personal version costs $199 per year. At first I looked at it as a necessary evil, but once […] Click to Continue Reading

Life Insurance Website Building Assistance

There comes a time where every do-it-yourself site builder has to decide if they want to spend their time figuring out how to add an opt-in form to their site, or if they want to spend their time writing great content and making insurance sales.  I learned a while back that the ROI on my […] Click to Continue Reading

Pinney Insurance Review

I used one general agency exclusively from 2010 to 2012, CPS-Special Risk Services in Littleton, CO, before I heard of Pinney Insurance. During this time, my agents and I were selling 100% over the phone, and our application sent-to-received ratio was 62%. ... I'll get to that 62% in a minute. I have nothing but excellent […] Click to Continue Reading