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I think Chris is crazy for sharing his know-how with other insurance agents.
Internet marketing is the future of our business and no one does it better than Chris.

– Richard J. Wira, Founder of EQUOTE.com

neil patel email optin dog meme

  We've all seen the Bounce Exchange or Ninja Popups email optins that make us optin in or say "No" and agree to some crazy statement about why we don't want to opt in. Here are a couple examples (in case you don't get the meme above - or in case you've been living under […] Click to Continue Reading

How to Write a Haro Pitch

One of the best ways to get some Google love is to get a shoutout from one of the big guys. Who doesn't want that juicy backlink from Forbes or the Wall Street Journal? But if you are like most entrepreneurs, those publications seem unobtainable to you. ... Enter HARO. (*Newbies, learn the basics about Help A Report […] Click to Continue Reading

return on relationship definition

So, you want your business to grow fast and have been considering ads, pay per click, blogging, SEO, and purchasing leads… You are chomping at the bit and want to know where your money is best spent. What's going to give you the best ROR? Well I am here to tell you to forget that […] Click to Continue Reading


I've spoken often about the 4 things you need to generate traffic and leads on your site. A website where you can easily add content (like a Wordpress site hosted by Bluehost) Free Insurance Quotes - You need a quote form like Compulife or Ninja Quoter Original content/articles Some backlinks to your site Most agents […] Click to Continue Reading

17 Easy Steps before you hit publish

We all looooove hitting the publish button! Come on – it’s the best part. …BUT there is a lot of hard work that goes into a post. With 2 MILLION blog posts being written every day (yup you heard me right), you have to go the extra mile to get noticed in this uber-competitive world. […] Click to Continue Reading

In 2015 the name of the game is trustworthy content. Google Penguin and Panda updates are slowly filtering out disreputable sites set up to exploit the old PageRank algorithm. So how do give Google exactly what they want, to achieve higher rankings and get more traffic? Follow these 10 tips, and you'll be set. Topical […] Click to Continue Reading

Chris Lalor is a life insurance agent who works from his home office in New Jersey. ... laid back, takes his time with clients, no B.S., and honest as the day is long.  The type of guy you would want helping your own parents with an insurance purchase. For many years, he helped me sell […] Click to Continue Reading

The month of March saw some exciting changes for Insurance Blog by Chris. The biggest change for us has been the hiring of our project manager. This has made it possible to be more organized and plan our month out in advance. This has made it possible to publish and promote more articles in March than […] Click to Continue Reading

Hey everybody! I'm so sorry that I haven't posted much lately but I'm back now, and have some exciting news! Before I share the exciting news with you, let me explain why I've been MIA lately... I've been spending a lot of my time growing a different website for the past few months. It has […] Click to Continue Reading

  Last month, in my inaugural traffic and leads report, I said that in the coming months I would be working on the following items on my main site, InsuranceBlogbyChris.com. Here's what I'm currently working on: Make the site responsive - this assignment has been given to my web utility guy.  We hope to be […] Click to Continue Reading