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For many years, I used Compulife Quotes on my website. It was quick and easy, but they had one major problem. … they’re ugly! And they’re difficult to un-ugly. Then I found Ninja Quoter. (Cue the Hallelujah Music) Ninja Quoter makes it quick and easy to add beautiful looking quoters to your website, like this: […] Click to Continue Reading

25 Untapped Insurance Niches

Are you wondering the key to showing up more in Google search and converting more visitors to leads? The best way to get more traffic (and higher conversion) is to create content specifically for a targeted audience. … let’s look at some proof. A few years ago, with zero backlinking and zero marketing, I shot […] Click to Continue Reading

*Update 8/16/17 – The 50 Leads Per Month course is now live and available for purchase at: Hello Agent Friends: It’s here! I’m excited to announce that I’ve officially begun building my first online course, “50 Leads Per Month: The Step-by-Step Handbook to Attracting Online Leads 24/7 for Busy Insurance Agents.“ … And I’d like […] Click to Continue Reading

Niche Insurance Sales

When I first started out selling life insurance, I would call my GA with a sleep apnea or diabetic case hoping he’d know which was the best carrier to take the case to. He would always respond, “Well, they’re all about the same.” :( When I finally found SRS, I learned this wasn’t true, and […] Click to Continue Reading

Wise Investment Life Insurance Calculator

Aren’t you sick of the same old tired life insurance calculators you see everywhere? How much coverage do I need?  How much estate tax will I owe? (yawn) … You won’t hear me talk about those worn out calculators today. I’m bringing the goods! Today I launched the Wise Investment Calculator at  It will […] Click to Continue Reading

CPS-Special Risk Life Insurance Services

As you may know, we run about 80% of our business through Pinney Insurance. But you may not know that last year, my agency placed over $65,000 of impaired risk life insurance cases with another GA/IMO…  one who I’m quite fond of. The truth is Pinney gets the majority of our business due to their […] Click to Continue Reading

Killer Life Insurance sales closing technique

Life Insurance Agents – Looking to close more sales? I found this “killer” closing strategy to get your clients off the fence about taking that life insurance policy. …ok, so maybe this won’t really help you to close more insurance sales. My Attempt at Life Insurance Humor I’m actually using this comic to generate interest […] Click to Continue Reading

Quote results page

(*Update: I’m no longer using Compulife – I now use Ninja Quoter.  The forms are much nicer and easier to build/add to your site.  Check out my review of Ninja Quoter here.) If I’m being honest, I only bought Compulife’s Quoting Software because I had to. In order to buy their Life Insurance Website Quotes (costs […] Click to Continue Reading

Pinney Insurance Review

I used one general agency exclusively from 2010 to 2012, CPS-Special Risk Services in Littleton, CO, before I heard of Pinney Insurance. During this time, my agents and I were selling 100% over the phone, and our application sent-to-received ratio was 62%. … I’ll get to that 62% in a minute. I have nothing but excellent […] Click to Continue Reading