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Traffic and Leads Reports


The month of March saw some exciting changes for Insurance Blog by Chris. The biggest change for us has been the hiring of our project manager. This has made it possible to be more organized and plan our month out in advance. This has made it possible to publish and promote more articles in March than […] Click to Continue Reading

Feb 2015 Traffic and Leads Report

Hey everybody! I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted much lately but I’m back now, and have some exciting news! Before I share the exciting news with you, let me explain why I’ve been MIA lately… I’ve been spending a lot of my time growing a different website for the past few months. It has […] Click to Continue Reading

August 2014 Traffic and Leads Report

  Last month, in my inaugural traffic and leads report, I said that in the coming months I would be working on the following items on my main site, Here’s what I’m currently working on: Make the site responsive – this assignment has been given to my web utility guy.  We hope to be […] Click to Continue Reading

July 2014 Traffic and Leads Report


Welcome to my inaugural traffic and leads report on eLifeTools for the month of July 2014! Many agents have asked what I do on a continuous basis to maintain my websites and promote them. If you’re wondering the same thing, then you’re in luck, because I’m going to be sharing all my tricks and strategies […] Click to Continue Reading