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Website Development

Need a Website? You’re in the Perfect Place!

Since 2008, when I founded InsuranceBlogbyChris.com, I've generated over 50,000 life insurance leads. And you can too! The first step is to simply decide if you'd prefer to set up your own site, or have one built for you. Choose One: #1 Do-it-Yourself - Takes about 10 minutes to register your domain and buy hosting. […] Click to Continue Reading


I've spoken often about the 4 things you need to generate traffic and leads on your site. A website where you can easily add content (like a Wordpress site hosted by Bluehost) Free Insurance Quotes - You need a quote form like Compulife or Ninja Quoter Original content/articles Some backlinks to your site Most agents […] Click to Continue Reading

10 Easy Steps to Start Ranking in Google

In 2015 the name of the game is trustworthy content. Google Penguin and Panda updates are slowly filtering out disreputable sites set up to exploit the old PageRank algorithm. So how do give Google exactly what they want, to achieve higher rankings and get more traffic? Follow these 10 tips, and you'll be set. Topical […] Click to Continue Reading

Chris Lalor is a life insurance agent who works from his home office in New Jersey. ... laid back, takes his time with clients, no B.S., and honest as the day is long.  The type of guy you would want helping your own parents with an insurance purchase. For many years, he helped me sell […] Click to Continue Reading

How to add a sitemap to google webmaster tools

One of the first and most important things you need to do to rank in the search engines with your new site, is to add a sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools. This ensures Google will crawl ALL the pages on your site and they'll send you more traffic! Since this is such a crucial step […] Click to Continue Reading

add google analytics to insurance site

A lot of insurance agents ask me what the first thing they should do after buying a domain name. That's a no brainer. It's a great question, since you're just starting out, and don't want to leave any stone unturned. And since I recommend this to so many agents, I created this quick guide about […] Click to Continue Reading

Website design and the 80-20 Principle

Design is essential for the success of an insurance lead generation site (or any site). When visitors land on your site, your design must capture their attention and keep them there. … but how can you accomplish this without breaking the bank?  I believe after spending $3,884 designing my main site, www.InsuranceBlogByChris.com, ($2,984 of which […] Click to Continue Reading

How to Make a Life Insurance Website

Five years ago, I was on the brink of bankruptcy. My rise from the ashes has been nothing short of miraculous. Last year, my websites accounted for over $700,000 of placed life insurance premiums. ... and I owe it all to online lead generation. Perhaps you want to get started with online marketing and lead generation, […] Click to Continue Reading

Compulife Life Insurance Quoter Review

Compulife Life Insurance Review

(*Update: I'm no longer using Compulife - I now use Ninja Quoter.  The forms are much nicer and easier to build/add to your site.  Check out my review of Ninja Quoter here.) You've thought of adding a life insurance quote form on your site, but don't know where to start. "How much does a website […] Click to Continue Reading

Life Insurance Website Building Assistance

There comes a time where every do-it-yourself site builder has to decide if they want to spend their time figuring out how to add an opt-in form to their site, or if they want to spend their time writing great content and making insurance sales.  I learned a while back that the ROI on my […] Click to Continue Reading