25 Untapped Insurance Niches

Are you wondering the key to showing up more in Google search and converting more visitors to leads?

The best way to get more traffic (and higher conversion) is to create content specifically for a targeted audience.

… let’s look at some proof.

A few years ago, with zero backlinking and zero marketing, I shot to the top of Google for Diabetes related searches.


I built a site that was absolutely the best resource on the internet for diabetics.

Here’s the story…

A few years ago, I noticed all the sites ranking for “life insurance for diabetics” were big sites like Insurance Blog by Chris, who didn’t really focus on diabetes, and maybe just had one or two articles on the subject.

I knew I could crush them with a laser-targeted diabetes site.

So a couple years ago, I had this site built, www.diabeticslifeinsurance.org

Then, I wrote a ton of articles specifically addressed toward diabetics:

  • How much does life insurance cost for diabetics?
  • Will I be declined for life insurance if I have diabetes?
  • How the Type of Diabetes you have affects your Life Insurance premium
  • How Treatment Affects a Diabetics Life Insurance Premium

… and look at the quote form, for crying out loud!  Have you ever seen a quote form that is specifically tailored for diabetics?

diabetics niche life insurance site

Notice our form asks for:

  • Type of Diabetes
  • Type of treatment (oral, insulin, etc.)
  • Average Glucose reading or A1C
  • Height and Weight
  • … all of these questions are super important in determining a diabetic’s rating!

If you’re a diabetic and need life insurance, would you rather visit this site, or a site like InsuranceBlogbyChris, where I have just one article about diabetes?  You’re going to want the specialists, right?

After about a year, with zero backlinking or promoting, I found myself on the first page of google.

(Update: Since 2013 when I first built the site, many other agents grabbed my top 5 tips for traffic and leads and copied my idea, and have since buried me in the rankings with even better sites.  Great job guys!)

4x Conversion for Niched Visitors

And the cool thing about Niching down is not only will Google reward you for it and send you more traffic, but the visitors you get will know they are in the perfect place and will get a quote!

Then a cycle begins:

  1. When a visitor lands on your page, they stay
  2. Visitors stay on your site longer than they would at an average site
  3. They engage more, clicking on more pages
  4. Google TRACKS stuff like bounce rate, time on site, and pages/visit, and recognizes your site as something special.
  5. Google rewards you with higher rankings
  6. When you start ranking higher in the search results, people will trust your site even more when they click through, therefore giving you even greater

Unbelievably, the conversion on IBBC is usually around 4-5%, but my conversion on Diabetics Life Insurance is an eye-popping 21%!

In other words, my diabetes site converts about 4 X better than IBBC!

When you niche down, you don’t need a lot of traffic to get a load of leads.

Pick a niche.  Dominate that niche.

I’ve done zero backlinking, but if I wanted… shoot, if YOU wanted, you could register a domain with blood pressure + life insurance in it, and dominate it.  Become the best resource on the internet for a particular searcher, and google will send traffic your way.

Untapped Insurance Niches

What other “niches” could you specialize in?

How about Life Insurance for:

  • active military
  • hazardous sports/hobbies
  • little people
  • specializing in conversions
  • federal employees
  • specializing in group life insurance
  • specializing in business policies
  • overweight people
  • seniors
  • insurance company reviews
  • insurance agency reviews
  • medical marijuana users
  • Specializing in term vs whole life
  • specializing in universal life insurance or whole life
  • specializing in policies over 1 million face value (or under a certain face value)
  • no exam life insurance
  • any underserved market you can think of, or perhaps a group you’ve found you’ve had success helping that other agents have struggled helping

How about disability insurance for:

  • cops, divers, rig workers (fill in the high risk profession)
  • at a certain age range
  • with health conditions

Or Auto Insurance focusing specifically on insuring only ONE brand of car, like Teslas, or perhaps a bit more general like insuring electric cars.

Or business insurance specializing in a specific type of business that have unique needs like liquor stores, breweries, or gyms.

The possibilities are endless.



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Guy Mazaiwana - May 20, 2018

I have a few ideas on a niche market for insurance that I need to pursue. How do I go about pursuing that and where do I start?

    JC Matthews - June 5, 2018

    Hey Guy,

    You can start with our 50 Leads Per Month Course. Check it out here http://50leadspermonth.com/


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