Announcing the 50 Leads Per Month™ Course (Early Bird Signup Ends Fri 2/17)

*Update 8/16/17 – The 50 Leads Per Month course is now live and available for purchase at: www.50leadspermonth.com

Hello Agent Friends:

It’s here!

I’m excited to announce that I’ve officially begun building my first online course, “50 Leads Per Month: The Step-by-Step Handbook to Attracting Online Leads 24/7 for Busy Insurance Agents.

… And I’d like to invite you to become part of the beta group.

If you’re interested in getting first access to the course at a deeply discounted rate, please continue reading.

50 Leads per Month Course Outline

Purpose:  This training course is for insurance agents seeking to grow their business by positioning themselves as an expert using cutting edge online marketing strategies.

Backstory:  Before I started my blog, Insurance Blog by Chris, in 2008, I can remember thinking how cool it would be if I could figure out a way to get a lot of leads online with minimal effort and expenses.

Before I relied heavily on networking, purchasing leads, mailers, referrals, and anything else “I thought” would work.  Those strategies brought in some clients, but took a lot of time and money.

I knew there had to be a better way.  That better way was blogging and online marketing.  I just didn’t realize it yet.

All it took me was finding another insurance agent online with an established blog to get me to start my own.  (Note: at the time I could only find a handful of other insurance agents that were blogging consistently).  That insurance agent confided in me that his blog was generating 30 leads per month, and had led to more new business than all of his previous marketing efforts combined, which included mailers, newspaper ads, networking, etc.

So with that, InsuranceBlogbyChris.com was born…

There were only a few slight problems:

  1. I really didn’t know what a blog was (I thought that meant being on MySpace).
  2. I was very “un-techy” and had never built a website
  3. I was hurting for money so I needed to make it work quickly
  4. SDSU almost didn’t let me graduate b/c I couldn’t pass their exit essay exam.  (I finally passed the 3rd time, but I wasn’t a good writer.)

Despite all of these potential objections, I still managed through trial and error and investing hours upon hours into figuring this online marketing out.  Just to put that into context, here are some of accomplishments that I contribute all to my blog and online marketing efforts:

  • $1.5 million+ of gross in force revenue = this is purely from my online marketing efforts.  Does not include clients that were gained through referrals.
  • Landed multiple $20K+ commission deals – two of which totaled over $50K in commission. (found me via Google search)
  • Blog gets 35k visitors per month with 40-50 new leads per day requesting quotes.
  • The blog has given me tons of free media exposure (Yahoo Finance!, Forbes, Kiplinger, U.S. News) and has opened the door to become a contributor to places such as Insurance News Net, Leadpages, and Financial Mentor.
  • On pace to double my practice this year combining all of my online marketing efforts.  

I don’t say this as a pat on the back, but to show you how I’ve figured out how to grow my business and revenue using online marketing.

Every week I get emails from other insurance agents wondering how to get started and do what I’ve done.  Maybe you’ve sent me one of those emails.  🙂

I’m going to show you…

  • Every possible online marketing strategy I know that has got me clients over the years.
  • How I was able to publish over 500 articles and still have time to sell
  • How to determine what topics to write on and how to frame it for prospects so you actually get people interested in buying life insurance, not just kicking the tires
  • How I’m able to write long and detailed posts that gets prospects attention in less than 30 minutes.
  • Repeatable strategies to get more traffic to your blog.
  • How to convert casual readers to loyal subscribers which can eventually become paying clients.
  • Every tool and system we use to run our multiple 6-figure-a-year insurance agency.


I’m literally opening my playbook and giving you exactly what I wished I had when I got started.

Here’s a rough outline of what we will cover within the modules and lessons…


How I got started

Overview of the course and goals

Module 1: The Wise Builders’ Solid Foundation

Finding Your Voice – How to Stand Out with a USP

10 Website Must-Haves

Social Media Essentials – The Right Way to Use Social Media & How NOT to Waste Your Time

Introduction to SEO


Module 2: The Content Mastery Formula

The Strategic 5 Step Content Plan

Easy-to-Follow Article Writing Template

On-page SEO 101

How to Create a Pillar Post

Captivating Headline & Intro Formulas

Identify Sites to Expand Your Reach


Module 3: The Free Traffic Blueprint

How to Get Love from Google, Yahoo, & Bing

Simple Beginner Promotion

How to Dominate Local Search

The Red Paperclip Strategy

Advanced SEO

The “Be Everywhere” Strategy


Module 4: The Leads Maximization Method

Identifying Opportunities for Improvement in Your Funnel

AB Testing 101

Tweaking Your Copy for Best Conversion

Sales by phone and email script help

How to steal the best leads and dump the duds

How to get free leads for a split

Smart advertising


Module 5: The Automatic Agency Toolkit

How to produce content with limited time

Learn what and how to outsource for maximum efficiency

Tools I use to grow my site and get more leads


This resource will cut years off your learning curve and allow you to fast forward your business.

These are literally the exact strategies I’ve used to get thousands of potential new leads to my blog and business.

This course is a no brainer for you if you want to…

  • Actually get leads online
  • Gain credibility and influence as an insurance expert
  • Build your platform and grow your audience
  • Connect with prospects that fit your “perfect client” demographic


The bottom line is if you’re serious about growing your business through online marketing, this is for you.

This is the first time I’ve ever opened up all of my tools to the public.

Here’s a question to ask yourself…how much is your time worth?

One of my favorite things about online marketing is the potential for a huge ROI.

In fact, just last week we made 14 sales on our new prospects from across the country.  Gregory from Texas needed a $1 million dollar key man policy (a $5,000 premium case), Gerald from Illinois only needed $300K, but being 71 years old, that premium also exceed $5K.  And Charles from Minnesota needed a $50K 20 year term policy for $1100 per month.    

Want to guess how they discovered me?  Hint:  my blog.   🙂

Don’t get me wrong, you could figure out how to market yourself online on your own. There are certainly people who do that.

Or you could take this shortcut and get your online marketing started faster by avoiding all the mistakes I’ve made.   And trust me, I’ve made a ton!

So here’s the deal…

Because we’re in the early stages of putting together the material, we will have a private test group that will go through the material first and help shape what all is covered in the course.

The good news is because it’s a test group, you’ll get in at a lower price than we’ll ever offer it to the public. The bad news is there will be a limited number of spots available in the beginning.

The early bird pass to 50 Leads Per Month™ is $497.

There are only 20 spots open for the test group. I want to make sure to best utilize your time and feedback and answer the questions you have.

As an early bird member, you will get…

  • Access to the entire course before anyone else (The course will take approximately 2 months to finish, but you’ll get access to each module as it is ready, meaning you’ll get access to content within the first couple weeks)
  • Exclusive input and feedback into the material being created for the course
  • Pay less than anyone else (I fully expect this course to be $1,500- $2,500)

Here is what your course will include…

  • Access to the entire 50 Leads Per Month™ course
    • Tentatively planned 5 modules with 30 video lessons (I say tentative because your feedback will influence that 🙂
  • Swipe file of my email scripts I send to leads.
  • List of all my tools and systems we use to run our insurance agency and my blog
  • Video downloads of all lessons
  • Private Facebook group to connect with other members
  • 30 minute strategy session call with me to review your current online marketing strategies

As part of this early bird test group, you will have 24/7 lifetime access to every resource we ever include in the course.


Get your early bird pass here :  “50 Leads Per Month – $497 Early Bird Deal”

See you on the inside.

You’re awesome,

Chris Huntley


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Kyle Kolbe - February 25, 2019

Chris, I’ve tried to find a way to contact you, but I haven’t had any luck. Can you please send me an email, I have some questions on the 50 Leads Per Month program.



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