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Build a Lead Generation Site – eLifeTools Course

“When I heard Chris was giving away his lead generation know-how to agents, I thought he was crazy.  Internet marketing is the future of our business and no one does it better than Chris.”  – Richard J. Wira, Founder of eQUOTE.com

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Modules and Chapters

Module 1 – Creating Your Site

  • Picking a domain
  • Keyword research
  • Selecting a Niche
  • Buying your domain and hosting
  • Set up WordPress and write your first post

Module 2 – Creating Content for Your Site

  • How to write a post and page
  • Your first 10 articles – What to write about & lengthening your posts
  • Headline
  • Adding images
  • adding video

Module 3 – Preparing Your Site for Visitors

  • Styling your articles
  • Site design options
  • Adding a website quoter to your site
  • Disclosures and other Misc. Stuff

Module 4 – Getting Traffic & Getting Found by Google

  • Submit sitemap to google webmaster tools
  • Set up Google authorship
  • Connect with Google, Yahoo, and Bing local search
  • On-page optimization and SEO
  • How to organize your site for max google results
  • Intro to backlinking
  • Backlinking strategies 1
  • backlinking strategies 2
  • backlinking strategies 3
  • other traffic strategies

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