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9 Quick Tips for a Struggling Website: Chris Lalor Case Study (And How He Increased His Traffic by 99% in 2 Months)

Chris Lalor is a life insurance agent who works from his home office in New Jersey. … laid back, takes his time with clients, no B.S., and honest as the day is long.  The type of guy you would want helping your own parents with an insurance purchase. For many years, he helped me sell […]

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7 “Out of the Box” Web Marketing Techniques

creative online marketing strategies insurance

Here are a few creative marketing techniques for life insurance agents, which I’ll be implementing at and eLifeTools over the next year. Yes, I do know a lot about the best life insurance, but it’s all for naught if I can’t get the message out. So what’s the goal? … online marketing is about three primary goals: to create […]

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