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Choosing a WordPress Theme: Why I Run Thesis on All My Sites

Thesis Theme for WordPressYou’ve registered your domain and have hosting…

Now what?

Now it’s time to choose your theme.

And since so many people ask me which theme I recommend, I’ve put together this short post for you about *Thesis Theme for WordPress.

Why Thesis Theme?

I run, or have run, the Thesis Theme on every single one of my sites.

Here are the primary reasons:

#1 It’s awesome for SEO and getting found by Google

Out of the box, Thesis has 2 things that anyone trying to generate organic search traffic needs:

  1. It’s fast – All the search engines give traffic to faster loading sites over the slower ones
  2. Built In SEO Tools – such as meta tags, and meta descriptions, not standard with most themes – we’ll get to this later, but trust me… they’re important!

#2 Their Multi-Media Box is Perfect for an Insurance Quoter

If you’re going to generate insurance leads, you must have some sort of quote form on your site.

As I’ve mentioned multiple times on eLifeTools, I prefer to use the Compulife Life Insurance Quoter on most of my sites.

The best place to put it is in the sidebar on the right like this:


The problem is I’ve found it never fits other themes.  But when you drop the Compulife code into Thesis’ Multi-media box, for some reason, it fits just right, although you may have to tinker with the column width.

Thesis Saves You Money

Thesis thought of a few ways to save you money.  Here a couple:

#1 Google Analytics Tracking Code: Just try adding Google Analytics code to your site, and you’ll need to find and hire a programmer, probably for something like $75 per hour.

With Thesis, you can just grab your Google Analytics code and stick it right here:

add google analytics code to thesis

#2 Adding a Favicon

You know the cool little image that shows up next to your site name in browsers?

It looks like this:

Favicon with Thesis

How do you add that?

Again, you can hire someone to do it or, in Thesis, you just drop your image in the Favicon link here:

Add google authorship and favicon with Thesis

#3 Google Authorship

Notice in the image above that you can also easily add your Google Authorship code to your site with Thesis.

Thesis Theme for WordPress

Sign up for Thesis

*Please note I’m a Thesis affiliate, so if you buy something from Thesis through my link, I’ll make a commission.  Your purchase price will not be affected in any way for using my link, so I’d certainly appreciate it if you purchased it through me.  As I said numerous times on eLifeTools, I’ve used Thesis for years, and would recommend them with or without the commission.