Why I Was Forced to Buy Compulife’s Quoting Software (and why I’m glad i did)

Compulife Quote Software

Here’s what your screen icon will look like.

(*Update: I’m no longer using Compulife – I now use Ninja Quoter.  The forms are much nicer and easier to build/add to your site.  Check out my review of Ninja Quoter here.)

If I’m being honest, I only bought Compulife’s Quoting Software because I had to.

In order to buy their Life Insurance Website Quotes (costs $99/year), you must first be a subscriber to their basic desktop quoting software.

The personal version costs $199 per year.

At first I looked at it as a necessary evil, but once I started using the software, I found some useful tools.

What You Can Do with the Quoting Software

The primary function is to run life insurance quotes.  You can:

  • Compare dozens of life insurance carriers and see their AM Best ratings
  • Run Multiple Insurance Carriers side-by-side
  • Print out the illustrations or save to PDF

Your name gets printed on the illustration… I think they look very professional.

Here’s the main menu where you run quotes and it has some other cool tools.

Compulife Desktop Quote Software

Here’s a shot of what the quote results page looks like:

Quote results page

Quick and Comprehensive

I like to use it because it’s not internet based, so it’s super fast to run some quick quotes.

It’s also cool to share this page if you do a screen share with a client, since they can see how many companies you have access to.  This way they know they’re getting the best deal.

Most of all, I love the income replacement calculator.  Once you’re a subscriber, you can buy it and add it to your site, I believe for a one-time fee of $50 or $100 bucks.

I have it on IBBC here: http://www.insuranceblogbychris.com/term-life-insurance-information-tools/life-insurance-calculator/

Most importantly, you have to have it if you want to add the Compulife Website Quoter to your site.  If you haven’t done that, here’s how you can get quotes on your site.


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James - February 9, 2018

both compulife and ninja quoter only run on windows; i have a mac and have tried to use windows parallels program to use them–creates issues and disrupts other mac programs. Do you know of a mac compatible quoting program for life insurance leads?

    JC Matthews - June 5, 2018

    Hey James,

    Not at the moment but we will look into it.




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