Dataraptor – Coming Soon!

In the next couple months, Pinney Insurance, my agency’s IMO/GA, will be coming out with a revolutionary new CRM.

Over the years, I’ve used VAMdB exclusively as my CRM, and absolutely love it, with my only critique being that it’s not made to handle a large volume of leads (250+ per month).

… That’s where Dataraptor comes into play.

I’ve had a sneak peak into this CRM, and it is a state-of-the-art system with everything from:

  • Integrated dialer
  • Social media client monitoring (Hey Joe, I saw on Facebook you just bought a house.  You’re gonna need some homeowner’s insurance and life insurance for that, right?)
  • Built-in “Sales Opportunities” Creator – based on notes/tags in your clients’ files, it will recommend sales opportunities you never thought of or perhaps weren’t on the ball… (Think conversion, birthdays, replacement for cheaper policies when a new product comes out, that sort of thing, and way more.)

… I’ll keep you updated as I learn more about the launch. Sign up for our newsletter below and you’ll be sure to hear about it from me.  For now, here’s a video to wet your appetite.

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