How I Landed 25 Guest Blogging Posts In 1 Month

We all know that finding a guest post opportunity, doing the research for the content and getting a post knocked out in a reasonable amount of time is hard.

But get this:

What if I told you that I was able to land 25 guest blogging posts in one month in less than 1 week.

Today I am going to share with you the exact steps I took to get these excellent results.

How To Land Guest Blogging Posts

Landing a guest blog post is an awesome feeling, but how do you get there? 

What steps should you take to find the right place with the right idea that is relevant to your niche?

I have found that there are three steps that you need to take, and they are Research, Develop Content Ideas and Outreach.  

I go into more detail about each process below:


The research phase is where you are going to start and is the most crucial part of getting guest posting opportunities because it will set the foundation for the rest of the process.

During your research phase you should be:

  • Finding Relevant Sites That Offer Guest Posting

    It is essential that you find blogs that have, at the least, allowed one person to do a guest post on their site.    

    If they have allowed someone else to post, the possibility of them letting you post is much higher.

    The best way to determine if someone allows guest posts is to use the google search functions:

    [Keyword] "guest post by"

    [Keyword] "guest post written by"

    [Keyword] "guest author today"

    [Keyword] "this is a guest post by"

    [Keyword] "guest article"

    [Keyword] "the following guest post"

guest blogging
  • Finding DR Data

    Once you have determined all of the relevant sites to your niche that will allow guest posting, we must now figure out what their domain ranks or (DR) is for the site.

    This is very important because you want guest posts on sites that have a higher DR than you do, even if it is by just 1 point or so.

    The easiest way to do this is with a paid tool called Ahrefs.  

    Ahrefs has a neat feature that allows you to check the DR of up to 200 sites at one time.

    Once you have your sites, you can download them into excel, organize them by DR and then Delete any domains lower than yours.
ahrefs bulk domain rank check

  • Finding Emails

    You should now have a list of all the sites that allow guest posts as well as a good (DR).

    It’s now time to find their emails and the product that I use for this is Hunter.io.

    Whatever tool you use is fine, you can check up to 50 domains for free with Hunter, however, if you are serious about this, then you will need one of their paid plans.

    Hunter allows for bulk email address search and bulk email verification.  

    You won’t get emails back for all of your domains, so this is going to cut down on the number of people you are emailing out to.  

    As you can see below, in this campaign hunter found 3,571 email addresses for 957 domains.

    Now that you have your email list and names, it’s time for the next step, Developing Content Ideas.
find emails with hunter.io

Developing content ideas

Now that you have completed the Research phase of finding your blog posts, it is now time to come up with some relevant content ideas to write about, and this is going to take the longest to complete.

  • ​​​​Researching Site Content

    You need to take your time with this part; you need to give each site an eyeball test first, make sure the site looks decent and then use a tool like Ahrefs to see what their top content is.

    The below site Clear Health Costs looks decent and they did a guest post for insurance so this would be a great option for your outreach. 

eye test research
  • Creating Relevant Post Ideas

    Once you have an Idea about their content, you need to write up at the least three Ideas that you can send to them that is relevant to their site and your site.

    So if you talk about insurance for seniors, and the website is about Senior Living then you want to sculpt your ideas around those two concepts.

    For Example: 
    1. How To Use Long Term Care Insurance For Assisted Living
    2. Top 10 Dental Insurance Options For Seniors
    3. How To Talk To Your Kids About Your Life Insurance Plan

    Remember, these posts don't have to be exactly about what you offer or talk about, they just need to be a combination of both that will allow you to get the backlink.

​Outreach Emails

Once you have all the data you need in regards to email address and topics to write about; it’s time to email everyone on the list with all of your ideas.

guest post outreach

Be prepared; some people are going to be rude, some will not respond, but you are going to get a few yes answers, and that’s all that matters, the YES answers.

guest post outreach email

Be sure to respond to everyone, either good or bad response. I have learned that sometimes people don’t believe there is a person behind the email.

However, if you show them that there is, you can sometimes turn the No into a Yes by directly responding with “Thanks” or “I appreciate the consideration.”

And if someone asks for you to follow up in 3 months, mark it on your calendar and follow up.  

I can’t tell you how many guest posts I landed merely because I followed back up when someone asked me to.

​Taking Action

If you plan out your content marketing efforts, you will be able to build a hard and fast guest posting plan and get large sums of relevant backlinks in return.

If you decide to skip a step, the results will match.

Landing a guest blog post isn’t hard, but it’s incredibly tedious, and the only way you can make this work is by not stopping with your efforts as well as by creating systems.

So get to action and start getting guest posts.   

In our 50 Leads Per Month Course, we cover this in much more detail so feel free to check it out here.

JC Matthews

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Mikaela - December 18, 2018

Awesome tips, JC! I’d never heard of Hunter.io or Ahrefs before reading this — thanks for the great guide.


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