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5 Crucial Resources for Building Your Website and Keeping Your Sanity

Life Insurance Website Building AssistanceThere comes a time where every do-it-yourself site builder has to decide if they want to spend their time figuring out how to add an opt-in form to their site, or if they want to spend their time writing great content and making insurance sales. 

I learned a while back that the ROI on my time is much greater by hiring professionals to do things that will take hours to do on my own.

In some situations you are going to need some type of capital to make it work.

It’s not that I can’t do them… it’s just about the time it takes me to do those things and the opportunity cost of that time. 

Here are a few resources that I’ve used along the way and would recommend to you.  (In the comments, please tell me if I’ve left anyone out)

#1 Need – A “Web Utility Guy”

Everyone needs that one guy or gal who has a well rounded skill set… the person you go to first for a quick website change or add-on.

For me that guy is JK Allen from www.

He has Designer/Coder/Programmer skills and charges me a fair rate of $75 per hour.

I’ll be writing more about JK and the jobs he’s done for me soon on ELT.

If you’re on a bootstrapper’s budget, you’ll love Fiverr.

Fiverr is a site where you can find contractors to do just about anything you can think of for $5.  I’ve used Fiverr for simple image designs such as this one, which is in my sidebar at IBBC.

 photo banner1_zpsda73aed5.jpg

I’ve used Fiverr to:

  • help me come up with creative names for article headlines
  • … and even write an insurance song. 

A couple of my agent friends are using Fiverr even for video production.  Would you believe this cost $5 bucks:

To be clear what you’ll get for a Fiverr video is probably a template video where they’ll allow your customized text put into a really cool template video, and the final result is an awesome video like the one above.

… but it will only be awesome for somebody who hasn’t already seen that video on another website. 

You may not want to use that for your homepage, but it could be okay for an article. 

Here are some other gigs you can get from Fiverr:

  • SEO services,
  • Article writing,
  • Simple website design services,
  • CSS changes or HTML changes,
  • Professional Voiceover work for video or podcasts
  • all sorts of lessons and tutorials. 

If you’re stuck on trying to add a picture to your site, or say you want to change the font of your heading tags, you might just try finding someone on Fiverr to do it for you for $5. 

*Note: I’d tread very carefully here as someone with access to your site’s FTP or WordPress control panel could do a lot of damage to your site.  Make sure they have a lot of good reviews, and perhaps a website where you can check them out to be sure they’re legit.  There are definitely people who know what they’re doing here, but for $5 bucks, you’re going to get some people looking for their first gigs here.

Typically you can pay an extra $5 and rush the delivery of whatever job you’re looking for.  With the jobs only costing $5, you can see why the contractors try to find ways to add $5 charges for additional services.

Probably my favorite place to find skilled low-cost contractors is oDesk. 

I’ve personally used oDesk to find virtual assistance including the one I currently use for things such as research, link building and website assistance.  I’ve had an article writer from Canada that I’ve used for over one year who has written multiple articles for me such as this article about reasons why Tim Tebow cannot get life insurance, or this article about life insurance and college planning. 

I’ve also found site designers on oDesk; in fact I had developed by a site designer on oDesk.  It should be stated that that design is so good that when we changed the design from the standard thesis design to the theme that the designer created for us, it improved our conversion by over 200%. 

I’ve had eBooks created on there, video editing done on there, I’ve had illustrations created for me, comic strips.  You can find just about any type of professional on oDesk, and the great thing is you can typically find them at a really affordable rate because a lot of them are working overseas.  In addition to that, and this is coming from somebody who has employed somebody for two years, it’s very nice not to have to worry about employee-type headaches and costs associated with being an employer.  These oDesk contractors are just that, contractors.  Whatever you pay them through oDesk is all you pay, so you won’t owe payroll taxes, you won’t have to purchase worker’s comp on them, and since they are working out of their own office or from their home, all of the costs associated with the office expenses are also not present. 

Developer/Programmer – The programmer who I had listed here has requested that I remove his name, as he is inundated with business right now.

You might go onto and search for one there.  You can probably get someone for $40-$60 bucks per hour on there.  I would highly suggest finding someone in Canada or the UK, since there won’t be an English barrier, but you’ll get them cheaper than US programmers.

Site Speed – coming soon

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John Ellison - July 26, 2014

Great information, Chris! I’ve used fivver for my new site It’s a work in progress.

Tip: When using fivver or anyone else for articles, make sure to Copyscape them ( It’s an anti-plagiarism website that crawls the web to make sure the content is original. A premium account is cheap and you can rest assured knowing the content you purchased is original.

Search engines won’t punish you for posting someone else’s content, but they won’t give you credit for it either.

You may have already told your readers about Copyscape, if so, my apologies. This is the first article (but not the last) I’ll read here.

Thanks again for the great content!


    Chris - August 11, 2014

    Awesome tip, John! I’ve heard of copyscape but never used it. Thanks for commenting.


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