Insurance Agent Summit Bonus

Thanks for attending the Insurance Agent Summit Webinar!

Below I’m going to share an awesome video with you.

In this video, you’ll get a look from “behind my shoulder” to see how to create hundreds of content ideas in minutes, that will dominate in google search!

… but first, a quick word on the “type of site” you would create.  It’s important before you watch the video.

Niche Site vs. General Site

The two types of sites you could create are general sites which talk about all sorts of insurance issues like where I talk about types of insurance, riders, news, products, savings tips, opinions, anything and everything related to life insurance.

The second is a niche site, like my site, where I only talk about insurance for diabetics.

The benefits of a general site are:

  • you can talk about anything and therefore you can rank for any keyword
  • you can potentially reach a much larger demographic

The benefits of a niche site are:

  • it’s faster and easier to create (less to write about)
  • you can sometimes rank easily for the keyword you’re going after, since the whole site is about that one topic

However, you may also pigeonhole yourself into only being able to sell for one demographic.

It’s good to introduce you to this now before you watch the video below, as I talk about creating content for both types of sites.


Ideas for Dominating Google and Organizing Your Ideas: Click here

What’s Next?

If you have a great idea and are ready to get moving on it, why not register your new site idea right now?  It’s only about $7 per month by using Bluehost.

I show you exactly how to get started in this guide.