Email Optin: If Neil Patel Owned a Dog Training Site (Meme)


neil patel email optin dog meme

We’ve all seen the Bounce Exchange or Ninja Popups email optins that make us optin in or say “No” and agree to some crazy statement about why we don’t want to opt in.

Here are a couple examples (in case you don’t get the meme above – or in case you’ve been living under a rock:

bounce exchange email optin example

derek halpern email optin

But I love Neil Patel’s.

Neil is one of my heroes from Crazy Egg, Quicksprout,, and Kissmetrics.

… and his popup optins are awesome.

Neil has… well, let’s say Neil has a special knack for making you feel like an idiot.  🙂

neil patel popup optin kissmetrics email optin

crazy egg optin


Anyway, this was all in fun.  I plan to release more memes in the coming weeks so be sure to sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss them.


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