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Nic West – The “Silver Tongued Devil”

Nic West Pinney insurance

Yep, that’s him. Don’t feel sorry for the way he looks. He actually brings in a nice income and has a lot going for him.

From 2010 to 2012, I was sending all my life insurance business through a GA in Littleton, CO called CPS-Special Risk Services.

If you described our business relationship in romantic terms, I was hopelessly in love.

I wouldn’t even take calls from other GA’s/IMO’s.  They didn’t have a chance.

An Impossible 180

When I met Nic in early 2012, he pulled off an impossible 180 with me.

Here’s how he got his nickname:

In my first telemarketing job at my aunt Linda’s building maintenance company, City Wide Maintenance, we had an awesome, unique business model that completely set us apart from other janitorial providers.  I remember it was very early on that I spoke with a facilities manager over several large commercial buildings who had used every janitorial company in San Diego and was convinced “they’re all the same”.  After about 10 minutes, I had presented our business model with him and landed an appointment for our salesman.

I had achieved the impossible.  I had convinced him we were different and he ended up switching to us.  The contract was worth over $10,000 per month.  From that point on, that facilities manager always referred to me as the “silver tongued devil”.  “How’s the silver tongued devil doing?” he’d say.

Nic West is my “silver tongued devil.” 🙂

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Insider Info about Nic West and Pinney

You can read more about how I increased my agency’s app sent to received ratio from 62% to 90% with Pinney here, but since I wouldn’t be where I am today without Nic, I wanted to take a moment to write a review about doing business specifically with him.

For any of you agents who are on the fence about working with Pinney, I hope this helps.

When you think of your upline guy in life insurance, you think of the usual stuff like someone to help close a big case, or help with an illustration… you know, stuff pertaining to sales.  Of course, Nic does that too, but besides the ordinary help you expect from any upline, Nic has very specialized skills.

Here’s a handful of ways Nic has helped me, either directly or indirectly:

  • Got us on a dialer
  • Streamlined our app request to app submission from my CRM, VAMdB to post client info directly into EZLifeSales
  • On IBBC, referred me to the perfect person who could upgrade the look and functionality of my quote form
  • Lots of Sales training – Not so much training on insurance products.  More like tips for contacting prospects, CRM training, and sales script tips.  Even flew down to San Diego for one training
  • Advice for hiring and managing agents
  • Lead conversion tips
  • Has been in charge of purchasing leads from my site TermLifeInsuranceMales.com, and has paid me handsomely, I might add

Nic has been such an integral piece to my growth and success these last couple years that I truly couldn’t list everything he does for us here, but perhaps this will give you an idea.  Check out this email Nic sent me in March 2013.

Talk about extraordinary service, way beyond that which you’d expect from any GA or IMO rep!

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Bottom Line.  If you’re dealing with any sort of lead volume, you need to be working with Nic.  Even if you’re not, Pinney is still head and shoulders above all the other GA’s and IMO’s out there due to their EZLifeSales.com platform.

Give Nic a call and tell him I sent you for extra hazing good service.