How My Site Generates 2000 Leads Per Month Using Ninja Quoter!

You’ve thought of adding a life insurance quote form on your site, but don’t know where to start.

“How much does a website quoter cost?”

… and “How in the heck do you get the quote form on your site?”

Don't worry!

I've been there, and have the perfect solution.

In this post, I’ll teach you the simplest, quickest way to add insurance quotes for people on your site looking for life insurance companies using Ninja Quoter's website quoter, AND how to make a ton of money in the process.

ninja quoter logo

Why You're Insane Not to Offer Life Insurance Quotes on Your Website

Whether you’re just starting a life insurance site, or  already have a site that’s getting some steady traffic,

Guess what…

Your traffic is worthless without a lead capture tool.

You’ve got to be able to offer your visitors something compelling in exchange for their contact info.

On all my sites, I do that by providing my visitors free life insurance quotes.

In order to see those quotes, they must provide their:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • and Email

​After testing multiple quoter widgets, I've found the best way to add those to your site is through Ninja Quoter.

Ninja Quoter Examples

Here's an example a Ninja Quoter sidebar form in action on my buddy, Jeff Root's site

ninja quoter form on rootfin

And another from Jeff Rose at

I custom built my quoter.  Ninja Quoter *can help you get custom designs on your site too.

*However, custom design changes are not included in their plans.  It's a paid extra.

Here are some quoters in action on (no sound)

How to Add Ninja Quoter Widgets to Your Site (It Only Takes Minutes)

You simply choose from one of their multiple, beautiful forms, adjust the colors and text to your liking, and you're done!  Trust me.  If a dummy like me can do it, anyone can!

sidebar life insurance quoter

Want to see me create a widget and add it to my site in minutes?  Watch this video!


If you're serious about generating life insurance leads online, I recommend you try Ninja Quoter.  I have been using them for all my life insurance forms for a year and I'm never going elsewhere.  

Want to take a peek at my personal dashboard?

Here's what it looks like when you first log into Ninja Quoter.

(Video) How to Add a Ninja Quoter Widget to Your Site

It's an Easy 2-Step Process

#1 - Create the Widget

#2 - Grab the Code & Add it to Your Site

This video explains what to do step-by-step.  Ninja also has videos explaining the process.

Here's a Real Life Ninja Quoter Form You Can Test 

(Go Ahead Run a Quote)

3 Reasons Ninja Quoter Stomps the Competition



Ninja Quoter allows you to choose a pre-built form, then quickly and painlessly modify the colors and text to your liking.



My favorite feature!  Clone and test all your variations to see which one performs the best!  A lead generator's dream.

With a simple click of the "clone widget" button, I cloned my IBBC sidebar form.  I then made some color adjustments to it and named it the blue/orange version.

After a couple thousand visits, I analyzed my stats in Ninjalytics and was able to see my new orange and blue form did not beat my current form.  

4.4% of visitors ran a quote using my regular form, while only 3.2% requested a quote with my blue/orange version.  Super important information, and so easy to test!

Watch this video to see how easy cloning a Ninja Quoter Widget is.



Ninja Quoter allows you to get a quick view of all your quoter widgets and their performance individually as well as throughout you site as a whole.  You can also adjust the dates it displays.  Super cool and like nothing I've ever seen at Compulife or IE Network.

It also shows you how many of the quote requests turned into application requests.

More Ninja Features

  • Table rated quotes
  • Offer Fully Underwritten Quotes as Well as  No Exam & Final Expense 
  • Over 20 Companies to Choose From When Displaying Rates
  • Easy copy and paste of widget into your site (takes seconds)
  • Can send quote data to your email or post to your CRM
  • Ability to customize quote results page, application page, and thank you page to flow with the branding and colors of your site  

They Also Have 2 Step Forms 

2 step life insurance quoter

This full-length quoter makes an awesome addition to a sidebar quoter.  

Simply place it throughout your blog post to help generate more leads!

Ninja Quoter allowed me to quickly change my button text and colors.  I created this below, which I was able to add to my site in seconds.

full length ninja quoter form

And here's one of my favorites.  Click the "Get a Saved Age" quote below and notice how I was able to keep the same look and feel with the coloring in the popup.  This takes seconds in NQ:

Ninja Quoter vs. Compulife

(HINT: It's No Contest)

For many years, I used Compulife Quotes on my website.

It was quick and easy, but they had several major problems.

... First, they're ugly!

And the options to make them un-ugly are limited, unless you wanted to pay a designer and a programmer to create you a custom quoter (big bucks!)

Ninja Quoter comes with over a dozen beautiful forms out-of-the-box, and they're customizable. 

Add in Ninja Quoter's Cloning/AB Testing and Ninjalytics features and it's a no brainer.

*Please note I am a Ninja Quoter affiliate.  That means if you use their trial and end up becoming a paid user, they'll kick me back a commission.  As you'll see in this review, I'm "all in" on Ninja Quoter as a personal user, and would recommend them with or without our affiliate relationship.