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website tools and resources for insurance agentsI’ve used dozens of tools over the years to build my sites and generate leads.  Here are some of the agent resources I recommend most.

Disclosure: some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning if you buy something, I’ll earn a commission at no additional cost to you.  I only recommend products and services that I’ve used and have worked for me.

My Most Recommended

These are the 4 tools that, in my opinion… an insurance marketer can’t live without.  I find myself recommending these over and over again to agents.

  • Siteground – Your first step with a new website is to register your domain name and buy hosting.  I recommend Siteground for both. They have awesome 24/7 customer support (you can actually talk to a live person when you call… just imagine) and you can host multiple domains for a low monthly rate.  I use Siteground to host InsuranceBlogbyChris and many other sites.  Click here for more info…
  • Ninja Quoter – You’ve got to have some way of capturing your visitors’ contact info when they visit your site.  I use Ninja Quoter’s quote forms.  Simply put, it turns traffic into LEADS.  Click here for more info…
  • VAMdB – This is the CRM I’ve used for the last 4 years.  It has paid for itself a hundred fold with its automated email system.  Plus it’s full of other awesome tools like reporting and commission tracking.  Click here for more info…
  • Pro Phrase Express – This little jewel has saved me over $23,500 in the past 12 months.  You just create shortcuts to your most commonly typed phrases.  Never type the answer to a question about the “difference between term and whole life” again.   (my shortcut is #TermVsWhole)  Anyone who spends a lot of time emailing and writing should grab this.  You’ll wonder how you lived without it.  Click here for more info…

Website Tools

Thesis Theme for WordPress – The reason I use Thesis is because is has a nicely sized “multi-media box” in the right hand column where my Compulife quote form fits perfectly.  I tried other Themes, and none of them looked quite right.  Thesis is also awesome for SEO and getting found by Google.

SteveAnderson – Steve is both an insurance agent and tech geek.  If you want your agency to run more smoothly with the use of tech tools, his site is the #1 resource.

Graphic Design – For any special graphic design needs, I use my main man, JK Allen from the Growth Effect.  He has helped me with this site’s design as well as at, and two of my friends websites, and  You can visit JK online at

Siteground – Your first stop is to register a domain name for your website and get hosting.  Both are really cheap at Siteground, typically around $7-8 bucks per month for hosting.  They also have Awesome support.  I probably call once per month and always get a hold of a live person within a minute.  They’ll walk you through installing WordPress on your site and the Thesis Theme (see below).

Sales and Marketing Resources for Agents – My buddy, Jeff Root, who is the owner of, is a life insurance agent and lead generating master.  Lots of good tips on his site for insurance agents.

InsuranceSplash – John Carroll has a ton great ideas on how to promote and get traffic to your insurance site.  He’s also one of the friendliest guys you’ll meet.  Also check out his course, SEO60, which I purchased myself.  Very high quality information.

These next 3 are not specifically for insurance sites, but they’ve had such a profound impact on the my success, that I had to include them.  Plus, a lot of their content transfers over.  (You don’t need to be talking to an insurance marketer to learn about seo, marketing strategies, etc.)

Quicksprout – Just spend 5 minutes on my buddy, Neil Patel’s site, and you’ll be hooked.  So much awesome traffic and optimization tools.

The Sales Lion – Marcus Sheridan is a genuinely awesome guy who shares no BS strategies that will get you more traffic and sales.  Period.

Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn – For anything I’ve left out about creating and building a website, Pat is sure to have info about it.  He’s a friend (and client) of mine who is also here in San Diego, CA.

On Page Optimization – This is the only guide you’ll ever need on this, and honestly, good on page SEO is 80% of the game in getting free traffic, so definitely check this guide out and make sure you’re optimizing your pages correctly.

Writing Compelling Headlines


Getting Backlinks


Page Setup

Lead Generation and Management

Compulife Quote Form – If you’re getting traffic to your site, you have to convert that traffic to a lead.  The best way to do this is to offer instant quotes in exchange for their name, phone #, and email.  My quotes on IBBC are powered by Compulife, who doesn’t have a particularly attractive form, but it converts very well, and if you buy CL through my link, I give a couple awesome bonuses.  A free, customized upgrade from the dull standard form, plus instructions on updating.  For its most basic look, see the quote form at

VAMdB Insurance CRM– The best contact management system on the planet for life insurance agents.  Just go to the link and watch some of the tutorial videos.  It has built in quoting, can send the quotes right inside an email, and awesome reporting.  Click here to learn how I increased my sales by 75% using VAMdB.  The basic subscription is free.

Other Tools

NIPR – You can use this link to get licensed in other states.

Splasheo – They did my ELT video intro.  Very clean and profession.

Outsourcing and Productivity – find a contractor to do just about anything you need from graphic design, illustrations, article writing, SEO, you name it, and most of the contractors are very affordable as they are overseas.

Phrase Express Pro – Saves you time by auto completing your sentences and using “hotkeys” for all your most common expressions.

IMO/General Agent Referrals

We use two GA’s almost exclusively.  One specializes in high risk cases, while the other offers free processing of your applications and electronic signature.  Either of these GA’s will help your business soar.  Give us a call and tell us about your company, and we’ll refer you to whichever one makes more sense for you.  877-443-9467

More Tools

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We work with agents in the following ways:

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My Story

I started off as an agent in 2004 and STRUGGLED for 4 years, trying to market with mail campaigns, networking groups, referral programs.  Nothing worked.

That was until Dec. 2009 when I paid $500 to my friend, Glenn Cooke, to help me build

He taught me some of the basics on writing articles and how to get found in a Google search.

Four years later…

After having written over 250 articles, I’ve generated over 13,000 leads on this site and consistently earned six digits per year.  I now have an office and employ 3 full-time agents and an assistant.  (Learn more about my story…)

Tweet me @mrchrishuntley if you have any questions.

Talk to you soon!

Chris Huntley